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Sunday, January 2, 2011

to all my blog readers, i've created a new blog to kickstart a brand new year. Link my new blog add.. http://step-into-my-story.blogspot.com/


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HAPPY 2011 (:

i'm looking for new blogskin for a brand new year. brb soon!!


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Friday, December 24, 2010

another yumcha outing with EdmondKoh-Christine-YenNee today. It has been ages since i last meet edmond, so it was a really nice catchup. and i realised i'm really great in crapping and talking. HAHA. omg! hopefully the ones who kena shoot by me will not be the small gas type. LOL. Back in Ipoh is really nice as i can drive around to wherever i want to as long as i drive safely. i so so don't want to go back to Singapore whereby i need to make use of god's gift. LOL. thanks all for making my days in Ipoh. i had so so much fun(:

to Wong & Koh, i'm a great fan of ur song now!! hehe


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this song is superbly nice!!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AWESOME outing yesterday with my secondary school friends. manage to meetup with Careena. Christine. YenChiew. SiuYen. YenWei & YiePing. omg. i think expanded vertically. eeee!! anyways, we all crap as usual. And we spent our time sitting for long hours just to catch up with each other. It is really great that all of us still take the initiative to meetup. Wonder how long will these last.? The memorable times spent and all is really priceless. Hopefully, we'll be able to gather together in years to come just like this. loves(:

dinner with another group of besties. Thomas. YenChiew. Christine and Mua(: fyi.. our bond started in our additional mathematics tuition class 2-3 years back. thanks Mr. Phong(: LOL. dinner in Kizuna @ Royal Golf Club Ipoh. and also camwhoring session as usual. dslr camera is really superb. it made everything and everyone look pretty and nice! HAHA.

thanks all who made my day a memorable one. hugs=)


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Monday, December 20, 2010

loving this song!! (:

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

my blog has been dead for some time. guess its time to BRIGHTEN it up with some stories of mine(: had been busy with studies and activites for the past few weeks. and finally.. its holidays!!

my bestest buddies CHRISTINE.WONG.KIT.MUN -CHIN.YIE.PING- KWONG.YEN.NEE -EVON.CHIN.YUIN.YEE. came over to Singapore for holidays. like FINALLY!! as we've planned for so so long and it eventually happened. i spent my weekends with all of them bringing them around to walk, play and shop. i really had memorable time with you guys(: although it was pretty tiring as we need to walk around, but i hope you guys had much fun!! i guess the fun wasn't really due to the place but it is also cuz we are all together!! and really thanks for coming. it meant alot to me(:

had common test week last week. and i was busy doing last minute mugging. real last minute this time i would say as i was really busy with other stuffs. i wonder what stuffs but just BUSY! lol.great relief as it is finally over! and i was chosen to go for an interview for overseas attachment, OIPP. hopefully i did well and will be selected. hoping for the best though!

tense moment of D3 before the interview
best of luck to all of us!!

attended Foreign Bodies Production after that. it was really AWESOME!! they really put in so so much effort into the production and the outsome was really great! good job to all the dancers. and to MARCUS YapCheeHang, u really did an awesome job! keep up the good work and glad that you;ve found something you relly enjoy doing that is dancing. woohoo~~ HAHHA. hope you'll like the flowers and keep it ar. dont so fast throw it away. lol

back in ipoh now. home is still the best no matter where we go. agree.? and i'll enjoy to the max before going back to school. to my buddies... lets meet up!! lastly.. Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and Glee... here i come again.! haha

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